Autostrata [2023]
Anastasiia Batishcheva + Ilinca Fechete
Trans-National Exhibition Series, Publication

Autostrata is a non-local series of exhibitive operations [between Poland and Germany] based on the site-specific tendency of artistic production in relation to displacement, authority over accessibility, and representational agency.

Based on a dialogic process between three independent artist-run spaces; DOMIE [Poznań], Stroboskop [Warsaw], and Galeria UL [Gdańsk], ten artists working in architectural, and virtual-sensorial fields partake in a final initiative for conclusion of the whole, at the Halle 6 [Munich]. Informed by the tension between formal simplicity and complex ideological underpinnings, the exhibition site functions as an immaterial listening + reading room accompanied by an open-source library and archive, the sound installations of Natalia Revko and Quirin Brunhuber, a publication release and panel discussion on the foundational management of artist-run initiatives between Piotr Szymon Mańczak, Goś Patalas, Katie Zazenski, Marta Grabowska and Christian Schnurer.

Autostrata + H6 is an attempt at abridgment [culmination] without the necessity for fulfillment. The exhibition site operates as an endured space, employing time [duration] as medium, rather than attempting to provoke knowledge production via enclosed circumstances. Autostrata is in consequence, as specific to the sites it is exhibited and performed within as to the transitive states it embarks, situating - while dispersing - works in which the artists deal with the political origins of their practice and its relation to the conditions and articulation of identity production and the particularities of the local exhibitive context and its histories. Each site of the exhibition series has presented a new organization of forms born out of an urgency to initiate such dialogue, emphasizing conceptual methods to engage in political reflections and geopolitical preoccupations. History, privacy [property?], collective memory, accessibility, and accountability: the tension between idea, implementation, and form, have become critical lines of thought throughout the artists’ collective work. The temporal periphery found between the sites in which the exhibition series operates, thus becoming its primary medium. The observer encounters the inaccessible as a dissociative and situative force via the work itself, often becoming a means of invitation.

Autostrata began after a series of conversations in Munich, Poznań, Warsaw, and Gdańsk on the effects of displacement on localizable ideologies of production and its relation to social premises. The first presentational part of the year-long exhibition project appeared between September 14th - October 1st 2023. Workshops, performances, and cooking sessions were offered throughout. The second presentational part of Autostrata was hosted by the Halle 6 [Munich] between November 24th to December 10th 2023. Autostrata was co-organized by Anastasiia Batishcheva and Ilinca Fechete in collaboration with Piotr Szymon Mańczak, Goś Patalas, Katie Zazenski, and Marta Grabowska. With gratitude to Julia Rybalka for its design. Participating Artists: Anastasiia Batishcheva, Quirin Brunhuber, Agnieszka Dragon, Ilinca Fechete, Natalia Revko, Julia Rybalka, Ania Siekierska, Magdalena Welz and Hisashi Yamamoto.

With support from BBK Bayern and the Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, LfA Förderbank Bayern , Akademieverein [of The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich] and NEU WORKSHOP.

Strata [UKR] - 1. expense, expenditure, 2. embezzelment, 3. loss, 4. capital punishement - death penalty, 5. layer, stratum [of society]