E.ZG.04 [2022]

A Melodica Co-Implication of the Opposing Sides of a Camera Obscura: Diagrams, Model Parts, Enlarged Large-Format Negatives on Canvas, Emulsion Lifted 4’ x 5’ Scans, Laserprint on Wax, Vector Scans [Installation View] + Website, A5 Publication, Bound and Published by the Artist

The Technika’s groundglass [It’s referential point of focus, it’s atomatization of the world] closes in upon itself, [engenders] itself - through the very light it seeks illumination of - it turns its longing to pre-view in reverse, slips like a myth into the hollow ears of history. The same lens with which it claims the world, produces the world it claims.

The negative’s flourescence is a Cherenkov’s Blue. This blue tint is an echo of the shock waves of visible light generated by overcharged particles [electrons] travelling through a dielectric medium [polarized electrically] with a speed greater than the speed of light from within the medium. *Analogous to the sonic boom of a supersonic aircraft, wheras sound waves produced by the aircraft travel at the speed of sound slower than the aircraft, cannot propagate forward from the aircraft, alternatively forming a conical shock front.