In collaboration with Volker Möllenhoff

Insignia, None, 2023 is a two-channel synergistic-responsive video installation on three Sony HR Trinitron monitors, programmed to respond to the presence and proximity of the viewer within the exhibition space via PIR sensors [establishing also, phenomena as quanta]. The contingency of the audience is at once intended and non-local. A second turn occurs, within the explicit: Nost-algae, algia, 2022 - 2023 is a 15:55 minute-long analog epic shot on Kodak Super 8, over an interdisciplinary research trip undertaken in April-August 2022 with my artistic partner, the nuclear scientist Anna Nikou. Nost-algae, algia, is an epistemological euphony on the inhabitance and dishabitance of desire. The distance within landscapes occupies a double dialectic fold, haunting the possibility of localization.

Insignia, None is a citing of tension: a statement of an already-at-loss in relation to itself. A citation that decenters by providing a way to think about itself - abiding in tension between contemplative distance and tactile immediacy. I tend to imagine that this would tend to an interest in the limits of [rational] imagination and the index of immortality - the decimation of poststructuralism’s perspective-oriented correlationism. This tendency resulting in an interest in how one’s approach to the production of meaning takes place within and against the proliferation of substitutes for the real.

Essay, A5, Hand-Bound and Published by the Artist